[Wikipedia-l] Sanger/Wales wars continued

Pete/Pcb21 pete_pcb21_wpmail at pcbartlett.com
Tue Apr 19 22:14:34 UTC 2005

Larry Sanger has again written at length about the history of Wikipedia 
in two articles posted on Slashdot.

Part I : http://features.slashdot.org/features/05/04/18/164213.shtml?tid=95

Part II :

Some blogworld commentary is at 

- including a follow-up by Sanger, giving his take on the "was he or 
wasn't he the co-founder" debate, in particular

"I was virtually always referred to as a co-founder until last year. 
What has changed?

Wikipedia was my idea (in the very robust sense explained in my memoir), 
its main founding principles were in large part mine and enforced by me, 
and I did more than anyone to organize it. It simply would not have 
existed if I had started it, indeed while being employed by Jimmy. It 
was on that basis that I was for several years credibly and repeatedly 
called "co-founder" of the project.

The fact that I was Jimmy's employee, which I freely admit, does not 
mean I was not also a co-founder of the project.

Until last year, again, this was my honorific, and until this year, 
nobody has bothered questioning it. I wonder why."


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