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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 19:45:44 UTC 2005

Cormac Lawler a écrit:
> On 4/19/05, Yann Forget <yann at forget-me.net> wrote:
>>Le Tuesday 19 April 2005 20:27, Cormac Lawler a écrit :
>>>Ok, the main point of the proposed html mail is that it is
>>>multilingual. If you can convince me that a mail I (or whoever)
>>>send(s) will display in the appropriate language for a Japanese or
>>>Czech or Spanish viewer, I am almost sold.
>>No problem:
>>cs: Wikimedia Quarto je oficiální bulletin nadace Wikimedia.
>>de: Wikimedia Quarto ist der offizielle Newsletter der Wikimedia Foundation.
>>en: The Wikimedia Quarto is the official newsletter of Wikimedia Foundation.
>>es: Wikimedia Quarto es el boletín oficial de la Fundación Wikimedia.
>>fr: Wikimedia Quarto est la lettre d'informations officielle de Wikimedia
>>it: Wikimedia Quarto è la newsletter ufficiale della fondazione Wikimedia.
>>ja: Wikimedia Quarto ?????????????????????2??
>>pl: Wikimedia Quarto to oficjalny biuletyn Fundacji Wikimedia.
>>pt: Wikimedia Quarto é o boletim oficial da Fundação Wikimedia.
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> Thanks very much Yann and Mark - how exactly did you do this? I had
> more or less understood Chad originally, but when i tried doing as i
> said above, it didn't work in either of my mail clients, yahoo and
> gmail. Also, I still want to know why Anthere said this was a bad
> solution - I didn't really understand either.
> Cormac

Possibly I understood nothing of what was proposed...

Here is what I understood.

I understood the message would be displayed in my email only in the 
language of my browser. Which would basically mean for me to display to 
me the explanation and announcement in french only, and only the link to 
the french quarto.

If this is so, sorry, but I do not support this at all.

I do not see why I would get only the link in french, when I would also 
been interested in the link in english.
When I use my husband computer, the browser is in english, when would I 
not get the french link ?
If I am in visit in Finland and I connect from an internet cafe, what is 
my interest in getting it in finnish ?
And what happens for all browsers where the language is set in a 
language not covered by Quarto.

This is what I understood was suggested.

If I was wrong, I apology for not understanding

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