[Wikipedia-l] html emails

Tony Sidaway minorityreport at bluebottle.com
Tue Apr 19 11:18:34 UTC 2005

Cormac Lawler said:
> Secondly, if there is a way of multiparting this message with text and
> html - great! Let's do it. (How?)

Not sure, but I suspect that some mailers, such as Outlook, may do this by

> Thirdly, that one pixel image used by spammers is surely inserted into
> the email by the spammers, no? I mean, we're not going to be doing
> that, right?

Absolutely not. But it's a good reason not to interpret html emails if it
is  feasible to ignore them (for instance, they're definitely not from
your boss, a client, or your mother) or read a text alternative.  Spammers
often send html-only because if you read the text version they don't get
any feedback.

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