[Wikipedia-l] Re: html emails

Tony Sidaway minorityreport at bluebottle.com
Mon Apr 18 21:33:26 UTC 2005

Chad Perrin said:
> Text email is universal.  HTML email alienates a great many people.  If
> I wanted to see HTML, I'd use a browser or an HTML editor.

One very good reason to be wary of html emails is that spammers, and even
businesses that think of themselves as reputable, use web bugs, usually
image tags to a 1x1 pixel image that cause the email, if read online, to
transmit the IP number of the recipient at every time you look at it,
alongside identifying information that may permit the spammer (or
"reputable" business) to associate IP numbers with email addresses.  The
commercial value of this information to a spammer is inestimable, and it
serves absolutely no legitimate purpose to the recipient.
If you must send a html email, please send it multiparted with plaintext
so that standards-compliant email systems can choose which version to

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