[Wikipedia-l] html emails

Cormac Lawler cormaggio at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 16:34:06 UTC 2005

Hi - I need your help (whoever you are)

I am trying to write a html email which will be used as the release
message for Quarto. Work in progress, ie the html code can be seen at:

The text I'm using at the moment is a straight copy from the meta
release message page:

My problem is that, working with Dreamweaver on a Mac (OSX), I can't
get non-English or non-Roman - specifically Japanese - characters to
work in my version. I have copied the source code from the page as
well as the display text (and edit-mode text). I have tried copying
the text with text encoding changed on my browser (Safari) - Ascander
even copied the Japanese text with different coding (?) into the page
but none of these work. I can copy Japanese etc. text into Word and
Text Edit, but for some reason, I cannot then get these to save and
display the file as a normal html file that opens and functions
properly in a browser. Simple text is the only program that does this
for me but it doesn't seem to support non-English/Roman script :(

Can anyone help me with this predicament? If you can, can you spell it
out in nice and easy steps? Also, if you have a comment to make on the
mail itself, you could go to the quarto-l mailing list - I have only
posted here as I haven't found any absolute solutions there.


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