[Wikipedia-l] Re: Encarta goes wiki - sort of...

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 18:56:22 UTC 2005

Jimmy Wales a écrit:
>> Wikipedia is an increasingly hostile environment. Don't dismiss 
>> alternate venues because the wave is cresting on wikipedia.
> For me, the important question is: how do we prevent Wikipedia from 
> becoming an "increasingly hostile environment".
> My own view is that we should trust the ArbCom to rid us more quickly of 
> poisonous personalities.  Of course this is
> non-trivial, etc.  But we really do put up with an astounding amount of 
> absurd behavior in the name of openness.
> --Jimbo

Hmmmm. This is not the only point. There is an increasing anonymity in 
big communities. Not knowing an editor means you are not necessarily 
behaving as gently or approaching a conflict so easily.

I think this could be improved by providing new means for editors to get 
to know others, in particular those contributing in other areas. Ideas 
such as the facebook have certainly helped.

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