[Wikipedia-l] pitching an idea

David 'DJ' Hedley spyders at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 17 16:46:44 UTC 2005

> Does the 'history' function maintain separate forks? I haven't really
> looked at it, but it doesn't seem to really jump out at the user. When I
> read a wikipedia article, I see only one text under a title at any given
> time. I can't choose between different competing articles.
> What I am suggesting is something like this: when a user looks up, say,
> "Abortion", they are presented with a listing of high-rated articles to
> choose from, probably with a summary or something to help them make
> their decision about what to read.

Wikipedia is a collaborative project. With this system, articles would not
be of as high a quality. Your not considering quality over quantity. Why
have 10 good articles to choose from when you can have one excellent one?

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