[Wikipedia-l] Re: Idea for a new Wikipedia

Wouter Steenbeek musiqolog at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 17 15:26:28 UTC 2005

>Exactly. I think naming is everything. "Simple English", to me, sounds 
>silly, and an invitation to participate in it can even be regarded as 
>slightly condescending. If it had instead been called "Children's 
>Wikipedia", I would be much more willing to participate.

On the Requests site, someone dropped a similar critical note, proposing a 
Wikijunior project. Moreover, this was the original aim of the proposer, 
wasn't it? What about trying to reanimate the simple-project by mutation 
simple.wikipedia.org into en.wikijunior.org and creating a website 
de.wikijunior.org rather than einfach.wikipedia.org?

I propose that we try to raise these two wikijunior projects to adulthood 
first, since too many projects at once will lead to a certain chaos. On the 
other hand, it's just children who are usually unable to read another 
language than their native one, of course.


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