[Wikipedia-l] Re: Encarta goes wiki - sort of...

Sj 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 07:36:45 UTC 2005

On 4/15/05, Jimmy Wales <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:
> Andrew Lih wrote:
> > FYI, something I just found on the Encarta Feedback FAQ, that might be
> > of interest:
> >
> > ---
> > How are my suggested edits researched?
> >
> > Graduate students at the University of Washington Information School
> > are fact-checking all proposed changes to Encarta. They are trained in
> Microsoft has extended an invitation for me to come and give a talk in
> Redmond.  I'll also see if I can give a talk at the University of
> Washington Information School.  It would be interesting to chat with
> these graduate students, I think, to learn more about their experience.

Neat.  Is there a date set?

Of course there are lots of other information schools out there;
perhaps none as focused as this one; but it would be interesting to
compare their curriculum with that of other information management
programs teach.   I would love to think that this school is going to
be on the forefront of founding a true study of information itself
(generation, propagation, creativity, evolution, analysis &
verification), independent of computers and the unfortunately named
field of "information technology."


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