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Sat Apr 16 10:44:12 UTC 2005

In response to Mark's comments on Fri Apr 15 06:10:23
UTC 2005:

>"I don't see mo: as the Moldovan Wikipedia. I see it
as the Moldovan Cyrillic Wikipedia..."

But mo: *is* the Moldovan Wikipedia, it can never be
seen as the Moldovan Cyrillic Wikipedia. Seeing it
that way would just be biased. If we look at how mo:
wiki started, it started because the ISO assigned the
Moldovan language a code of "mo" and therefore it was
created as such by Wikimedia. The language with the
code "mo" is Moldovan, which is officially written in
Latin script. Hence, the mo: subdomain cannot be seen
as the Moldovan *Cyrillic* Wikipedia.

>"So far, nobody who claims to speak
"Moldovan" as their mother tongue has challenged it.",
"You and your ro.wikipedian goon squad may care"

Firstly, just because no-one challenges an idea
doesn't mean it's right! Concerning the goon squad, I
found that notion quite amusing actually. We have so
far argued logically and, at least I believe so, in a
very good manner. I don't think anyone has acted like
a goon!

>"Why not "Moldoveneasca" in the Cyrillic alphabet?
Only a dunce would
think, without some prior experience, that a link to
/in the Cyrillic alphabet/, would get them to
non-Cyrillic content."

Look, again you're thinking too pratically here. Maybe
I'm wrong because I think everything through too
politically. The issue about how to put the interwiki
link is not about dunces and practicality, it's about
what's right and correct. If you put a link with
Moldoveneasca in Cyrillic, people will think that
Moldovan is always written, or at least
majoritarily/officially written in Cyrillic. Plainly,
it is not, hence we need to specify that the version
they will be clicking on is Moldovan (Cyrillic) as
opposed to Moldovan Latin. If there was
"Moldoveaneasca" in both scripts, it would be OK, but
since only the Cyrillic will be present, then we must

Anyway, I don't understand why you're so committed
against forming a new subdomain for mo-cyr:. No-one
else has seemed to mind too much about its formation,
and it would surely delimit the issue much more
clearly. What's so wrong? I don't even see why it
would be detrimental to the Moldovan Cyrillic authors.

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