[Wikipedia-l] Idea for a new Wikipedia

Wouter Steenbeek musiqolog at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 15 15:42:33 UTC 2005

Good idea. There is already a Simple English wikipedia; this initiative is 
similar. And since the German wikipedia is the second largest, finding 
enough willing contributers is a sure bet!


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>at first sorry for my bad english i'm just a (german) student ;)
>If I read/write somethings in the German wikipedia I have seen that much of 
>the articles are to havy for kids and teenager with no special skills in 
>the subjekt. So I get the idea for a special Wikipedia for kids and 
>teenager! Its is like a Wikijunior Magazin but with the different that the 
>Wiki I mean is a complete encyclopedia and not only one special topic! I 
>would be managed a Wiki for this in German.
>What do you think about the idea? It is possibel to realise it under the 
>roof of the Wikimedia? If yes anyone here that would be help me?
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