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Wikipedia Romania (Ronline) rowikipedia at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 01:02:10 UTC 2005

Mark, you said:
"But I think that the majority of users of
mo.wikipedia will, no matter
what, always be primarily users of Cyrillic, and I
think that it
should be dominant there until such time as there are
more Moldovan
users there who use Latin, if that is ever the case."

I think that is not at all right. I mean, Cyrillic is
a minority script in _all_ circumstances. Only 10% of
speakers of Moldo-Romanian in Moldova use it, and only
around 33% of people who say they speak Moldovan use
it. So those who say they speak Moldovan, will be
looking actually mostly for Latin content, especially
since many of the Cyrillic speakers are also used to
Latin content because that's the script they use in
public institutions, at work, etc.

Also, "since we already have two separate
Wikipedias, we can use ro.wiki for /all/ Latin-script
content, and
mo.wiki for /all/ Cyrillic-script content"

I've kept on saying that this is a practical solution,
but it isn't really a correct solution - While the
interesting context of the Moldo-Romanian language
would state that a mo.wiki in Cyrillic only would be
the most practical solution, it would basically be
very biased, despite the prominent link. The prominent
link is just a redirect, the interface would still be
in Cyrillic, the interwiki links would still go to
Cyrillic articles. We can't nominate a Wikipedia for
Cyrillic content, even though the case of
Moldo-Romanian would say that perhaps logically it is
a way to go, simply because we can't nominate a
language subdomain for a certain script when that
script is a minority script.

That's what needs to be understood here - Cyrillic is
a minority script in all cases - for Moldo-Romanian
speakers worldwide, for Moldo-Romanian speakers in
Moldova and for Moldovan speakers in Moldova. So we
need content to first cater for the majority, which
could be either at mo.wiki or ro.wiki, but I think
ro.wiki would be the more practical solution, unless
some Moldovans would actually have a problem with
being redirected to a Romanian Wikipedia, which they
might have. We need to hear their side of the story
too, but there are as of yet barely any Moldovan Latin
users. There should be a very prominent link on the
mo.wiki page redirecting Cyrillic users to their
subdomain. Interwiki links would then go to mo-cyr:
and be put in the form of "Moldoveanească
(Chirilic)" in the Cyrillic alphabet.

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