[Wikipedia-l] Alexa.com blogs about Wikipedia

Neil Harris usenet at tonal.clara.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 13:13:43 UTC 2005

Andrew Lih wrote:

>The lead blog story on Alexa's front page today is about Wikipedia
>surpassing NY Times in terms of traffic rank. Traffic has spiked
>upwards in the last month, and sits at #66 for today.
>BTW, the blogger discovered this through my del.icio.us and flickr
>tags, so keep tagging things out there as "wikipedia"
>http://tinyurl.com/6gsa3 (Wikipedia vs. NY Times)
>-Andrew (User:Fuzheado)
And let's not forget Ask Jeeves, which has also been recently passed by 
Considering that Ask Jeeves recently changed hands for almost $2BN, one 
might consider what "value" might be attached to Wikipedia's 
contributions to free knowledge. Now, that's philanthropy!

-- Neil

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