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Thu Apr 14 10:56:16 UTC 2005

In reply to Sj:

"If we're going to have an mo: encyclopedia (and it's
not at all
obvious to me that this is the right solution), then
it had better
allow the inclusion of text in the official Moldovan

Well, that's exactly what I've been arguing for. The
Moldovan Wikipedia cannot be Cyrillic-only, even if
there is a notice redirecting Latin-script users to

"But should WP really have a "Moldovan" Wikipedia?"

Personally, I wouldn't really mind if the Moldovan
Wikipedia would just continue to redirect to the
Romanian Wikipedia. However, the issue of Cyrillic
content still remains. There are clearly contributors
who want to provide content in Moldovan Cyrillic.
Therefore, we need to facilitate that. Or we cannot.
We can simply say that we won't accept Cyrillic
content, just how we won't accept Romanian written
without diacritics even though 75% of the online
Romanian users doesn't use them, or just how we don't
accept Latin script in the Russian Wikipedia. However,
because 10% of the Moldovan language speakers use
Cyrillic script, I think we should facilitate content
in that script. The best way to do that would be to
set up a new subdomain at mo-cyr.wikipedia.org.

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