[Wikipedia-l] Re: Encarta goes wiki - sort of...

Timwi timwi at gmx.net
Wed Apr 13 17:10:46 UTC 2005

Magnus Manske wrote:
> You can mow add to Encarta articles online. After a review by the M$
> staff, your edit may be added to the Encarta.

They even specifically denounce Wikipedia's factual accuracy:

	Encarta is different from open-content encyclopedias found
	elsewhere on the Web that post users' changes immediately. To
	ensure the greatest possible accuracy, all suggested changes to
	Encarta undergo fact-checking before being posted. As an
	encyclopedia, accuracy is one of our hallmarks, and even
	articles prepared by our own editors are fact-checked before
	being included.

They also have a page "About Editing Articles in Encarta" which 
essentially sums up many of our policies such as NPOV and avoiding 
peacock/weasel terms.

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