[Wikipedia-l] Conflict between two Wikipedias

Wouter Steenbeek musiqolog at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 13 09:22:28 UTC 2005

This is familiar kind of problem, remember the quite recent controversy with 
Serbocrotian on the one, and Serbian, Croatian and Bosniak on the other. I, 
as a Western European, could easily dismiss claims on speaking a separate 
language as politically inspired nonsense, but in countries like these with 
a heavily charged recent past, questions like these are controversial. On 
the other hand, this discussion is also current in Moldovia itself, I heard. 
I propose that you allow Latin script Moldavian on ro: only, and that you 
look for five enthousiasts (including you yourself, of course) for the 
Moldovian-only Cyrillic version, not to be allowed on ro:, since virtually 
no Romanians can read it. The rest of the procedure must be familiar to you, 
I suppose. This leaves only the question of the name: ro-cy or mol-cy. Do 
you consider this an appropriate solution?


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