[Wikipedia-l] Expanding CheckUser permissions

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 21:06:21 UTC 2005

James D. Forrester wrote:

>Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote:
>>We are looking for a negative colleration. The person has a bad
>>reputation. Before he adopted a user profile he was known for
>>doing his thing with any number of IP numbers. When he was blocked
>>he was almost instantly back on another IP-number.
>Who blocked him? Why? Based on what? Was this an official decision made by
>one person, a small group of people, all sysops together, the entire
>community? If either of the first two, you evidently have natural candidates
>to form an official blocking group, of whom one might be appropriate to
>grant access to such an easily-abused tool, no? What, exactly, is the
>problem, then?
The decision to block and maintain this long block was done by an 
official vote on the nl:wikipedia. There are two sides to the argument.

*There are some that want to unblock this person. This is possible when 
the indication that this person and the user that is also a troll are 
not the same.
*Second, this is something that is outside the English language 
projects, it is a big project, many moderators that requests the use of 
this analysis. Why can a project as big as the nl:wikipedia not be 
trusted to request for the execution of this. Why should a substantial 
group of moderators be denied this ??

The way the nl:wikipedia is ruled is subtly different from the other 
projects. The nl:wikipedia has proven that it does do a proper job of 
having a healthy atmosphere. Given the small size of the world 
population speaking Dutch, we do a great job. Why should this tool not 
be used in this instance when the object is to allow a person that many 
are disgusted with to be deblocked sooner because his claim is true that 
he is not this other troll as well ?? If anything it is in the intrest 
of this person. If you do not understand this, please deny this 
reasonable request. If you do understand this, you realise that this a 
situation where it is in the intrest of the person involved that he is 
likely NOT to be the same person.

This is similar to people in jail who claim to be innocent and are 
denied a DNA test. You read that this happens a lot in the US justice 


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