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Wouter Steenbeek musiqolog at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 12 18:39:31 UTC 2005

>But I hope you will agree that there is a huge difference between a
>joke about all homosexuals should be executed (I don't even get the
>joke there... where is it?) and a joke that includes some mild
>elements which might liken Jimbo to Jim Jong Il.
>While I don't personally believe Jimbo can be considered a dictator
>(and most certainly not a self-obsessed one), I think that there is a
>sort of personality cult about him, and certainly on IRC I have seen
>people who seem more interested in him than perhaps I would be
>comfortable with in Jimbo's position. Of course this isn't "approved
>by Jimbo" - on the contrary, AFAIK he doesn't like that sort of thing
>- but I have definitely seen some people who it would only be going a
>little bit further for them to watch a television broadcast of his
>birthday, and even I would watch his biography if it were on
OK, that's enough. Let's quit. I can't get the joke either in the situation 
I suggested, but I know people that could say things like these for fun (!), 
and think of contexts in which it is more or less clear that they do so. My 
point was: Kim Jong Il is a cruel dictator that famishes his people and 
lives in exorbitant wealth himself. You sould think twice before you compare 
someone to him, even for fun.

Good to be sure anyway that you have nothing against Jimbo. Finally: We in 
the Netherlands know how to mock our leaders. See 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Peter_Balkenende and you'll understand what 
I mean...


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