[Wikipedia-l] Wikimedia Foundation Internal Radio System (Re:Foundation news)

Wouter Steenbeek musiqolog at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 09:47:20 UTC 2005

>I propose it be entirely in Klingon so that there are approximately
>equal numbers of people from each Wikipedia who can understand it.
>Rather than what you propose, why not a full-time internet radio? We
>can have programs such as "Let's trim our hair in the Wikipedian
>fashion", "Jimbo Wales' Birthday Celebration", "Biography of Jimbo
>Wales" (who was born atop Encyclopedia Mountain, and who has never
>lied and always lived in accordance with the Wikipedian ideal),
>newsfeeds (with such news as "Imperialist Britannicans planning
>nuclear attack on Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales counters with declaration of
>the Wikimedia Foundation's nuclear capabilities"), and slogan hour
>(where prominent Wikipedians shout out Klingon-language slogans about
>Wikipedia, Jimbo, and related topics)

Funny Mark, but you're going too far. You are comparing Jimbo with Kim Yong 
Il or some other absurdly glorified dictator. Moreover, I think this attemp 
is not as moribund as you suggest.

I appreciate most of your contributions and I share your sympathy for 
demographic minorities, but I can't really get your point in this. It 
reminds me very much of your earlier e-mail in which you requested two kinds 
of American English, Jimbonian and Nodelian. What's your point with jokes 
like these?


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