[Wikipedia-l] FOLDOC, acknowledgments and GFDL

wiki pedista wikipedista at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 00:28:37 UTC 2005

In a discussion back in 2002 (starting about here
It was decided that the acknowledgment for the use of
FOLDOC material would be on the same page. I have seen
that said mentions still exist, with the use of a
template. Now the questions.

*Is this a legal requirement that comes from some
interpretation of our venerable GFDL or just courtesy?

*In either case, do the rights to modify our material
include the right of moving that notice to a less
prominent place, or removing it altogether?

*In [[Wikipedia:Boilerplate_request_for_permission]],
such mention is offered

''If you do agree to grant permission for use, we will
credit you for your work in the resulting article's
references section by stating it was based on your
work and is used with your permission, and by
providing a link back to your website.

Is this is still valid? Can we assure that our
re-users would keep that?

Sorry if this was already discussed somewhere else,
and long ago, but some recent issues in the Spanish
Wikipedia demand that we have a clearer understanding
of this.

Thank you,


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