contact page (was: [Wikipedia-l] In a massive, and often anonymous context, how do we know each other?)

Jean-Baptiste Soufron jbsoufron at
Mon Apr 4 16:31:20 UTC 2005

Wouldn't it be great to have a "contact" page where people interested 
in a specific topic of Wikipedia could get more directly in touch with 
people who need their help. That would be especially great for folks 
like me who don't contribute that much to articles but work a lot 
"backstage" :D


Jean-Baptiste Soufron, Doctorant
CERSA - CNRS, Paris 2

Le 31 mars 05, à 23:52, Joseph Reagle a écrit :

> Hello, I have a question about your article that appeared in Wired. 
> One of
> my difficulties within the Wikipedia community, or, say for example, 
> this
> e-mail list, is the large number of people one is likely to come 
> across. It
> can be difficult to keep track of everyone, particularly in the 
> context of
> editing a diverse set of web pages So, I was wondering how do people 
> come
> to know of each other? In particular, for your article, how did you 
> select
> the folks you did? Asked Jimbo? Looked at the top contributors?
> Thanks!
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