[Wikipedia-l] The value of Pronunciation

Tony Sidaway minorityreport at bluebottle.com
Mon Apr 4 14:48:53 UTC 2005

David DJ Hedley said:
>> David Gerard wrote:
>> > I was amazed when I moved to Walthamstow (London E17). I heard
>> > accents from people obviously born here that sounded like NOTHING ON
>> > EARTH I'd ever heard before. The Australian accent is incredibly
>> > homogeneous by comparison.
>> American, too.  I pride myself (more or less) on speaking a very
>> standard American English with a very standard American accent.


>> _______________________________________________
> Most of the world can't even tell what language i'm speaking most of
> the time. I'm from Newcastle, England and have the accent to suit.

Well I'm from Sunderland, which if anything has a more infamous accent
than nearby Newcastle, and I now live...in Walthamstow. :)

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