[Wikipedia-l] Re: In a massive, and often anonymous context, how do we know each other?

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 18:04:57 UTC 2005

Ray Saintonge a écrit:
> Anthere wrote:
>> Joseph Reagle a écrit:
>>> Hello, I have a question about your article that appeared in Wired. 
>>> One of my difficulties within the Wikipedia community, or, say for 
>>> example, this e-mail list, is the large number of people one is 
>>> likely to come across. It can be difficult to keep track of everyone, 
>>> particularly in the context of editing a diverse set of web pages So, 
>>> I was wondering how do people come to know of each other? In 
>>> particular, for your article, how did you select the folks you did? 
>>> Asked Jimbo? Looked at the top contributors?
>>> Thanks!
>> At least for me, I come to know the others in watching what they say 
>> and do. When I notice someone put a wise or funny or creative comment 
>> a couple of times in a row, I go to his user page. I try to decipher 
>> the person a little bit. Then I go to his contributors list. Try again 
>> to see what could make him tick. Then I store the information 
>> somewhere. And go on noting what he writes. Usually, one day come 
>> where I think "oh, but X would be the perfect person for this". And I 
>> go ask the person :-) Hence meet him a bit more :-)
> Excellent.  An interesting rule might be one requiring people who 
> complain about something being wrong with one article, must match that 
> comment with one that is just as strongly favorable about another 
> article.  Failing to make positive comments about anybody could be 
> grounds for de-sysopping.
> E
> c

Hmmm, yup.

Similarly, I had a rule that each time I voted for deletion of an 
article on vfd, I took that time to save a stub threatened of deletion 
for balance :-)

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