[Wikipedia-l] Re: In a massive, and often anonymous context, how do we know each other?

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 17:54:30 UTC 2005

Joseph Reagle a écrit:
> On Friday 01 April 2005 00:19, Anthere wrote:
>>At least for me, I come to know the others in watching what they say and
>>do. When I notice someone put a wise or funny or creative comment a
>>couple of times in a row, I go to his user page. I try to decipher the
>>person a little bit. Then I go to his contributors list. Try again to
>>see what could make him tick. Then I store the information somewhere.
> So you keep a "log" of people you've encountered? I've started this myself 
> actually...

I keep a log of people in my head.
The only problem is that I can only easily "observe" people in languages 
I understand. Or at least those I can google translate. It is much 
harder with say... russians, japanese, chinese...

Those are actually less involved in the international community than for 
example the french, the germans or the dutch. Very unfortunately.

I know not how other people do; but I know most editors like to be in a 
homy environnement, and just stick to their project. Their project can 
be a certain wikipedia, or development, or precisely international issues.

In the end, most editors reconstruct a little community united by a 
common goal. You just need some bridging people to insure flows 
circulate between the little community patches. When an editor belongs 
to two patches, you get a point :-) Ultimately, there is just a tightly 
network of little communities, and even if one can't know everyone, one 
can feel at home :-)


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