[Wikipedia-l] Starting a new wiki

Anthony DiPierro anthony_dipierro at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 26 01:06:36 UTC 2004

> The first and probably best would be to go to Wikipedia forks such as
> Wikinfo and mcfly (ok, maybe not mcfly) and tell them how the folks at
> the Wikimedia organisation are... well,   describe your plight. Some
> forks really hate the Wikimedia foundation and will feel very sorry
> for you and assist you with such a project, whereas others seem to be
> meant more to augment Wikipedia and their users still contribute to
> Wikipedia on a regular basis.

> best,
> node

If someone is serious about setting up a wiki and willing to help me figure
out the technical details I'd be willing to provide the server space.  But
apparently Tim Starling is already willing to do this on Wikimedia's

> In fact, I'll happily create
> any wiki if the potential contributors agree in advance to use a
> language file which is already mature, and that you refrain from
> requesting interface customisations which require developer attention.

>  -- Tim Starling

I'd like to create a wiki for for geographical information.  I've registered
wikiteer.org.  Can we set it up?


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