[Wikipedia-l] Wikipedia in China

yuanml yuanml at pku.org.cn
Sat Sep 25 04:24:37 UTC 2004

To Fred Bauder:
> There have been instances where Chinese troops have been undisciplined.
> All it proves is that people who have been desperately poor 
> all their lives were tempted by wristwatches and ballpoint pens.

Do you know what you said is things about 20 years ago when I’m only a child? 
Do you know China have the most cell-phone users in the world now?
Do you know China have ten million broadband Internet users, 
just after USA, Japan and Korea, and will surpass Korea soon? 
Yes, we are a developing country, but we are developing fast.

I have to say that the mailing list now is full of bias on China.

About Tibet problem, I provide some history issue
to reflect the common opinion in China.
Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama must be approved their identity
by the central government since Qing dynasty hundreds years ago.
Just in 1910s when China was very weak,
there was a movment to divided Tibet from China.
Great British took some part in the issue,
And we dislike the colonialism role of Great British.

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