[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia in China

Stirling Newberry stirling.newberry at xigenics.net
Sat Sep 25 02:25:06 UTC 2004

On Sep 24, 2004, at 9:48 PM, Ray Saintonge wrote:

> Delirium wrote:
>> Jens Ropers wrote:
>>> Like the mild napalm-bombing of civilians?
>> Apparently you are either an idiot or read indymedia for your news, 
>> as Napalm has not been used in a war for decades.
>> Meanwhile, the atrocities in Tibet are well documented.
> But don't forget the British responsibility in that.  China was 
> allowed to walk into Tibet as a reward for their resistance to the 
> Japanese.
> Ec

This sounds like it belongs on the Tibet discussion page.

More practically is the question of how to deal with the problems of 
blocking of the Chinese Simplified Wikipedia.

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