[Wikipedia-l] Memorial wiki and Wikipeople: once more into the breach

Sj 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 02:20:35 UTC 2004

* There are memorials which regularly get deleted from Wikipedia.  A
few handfuls of them have escaped deletion and are waiting in VfD/Old
to be migrated to a separate wiki for such content.  (Content about
modern people, or the recently deceased, often hard to verify)
* There are also regular bios of modern people who don't seem
encyclopedic, which find their way into the Wikipedia dustbin.
* Finally, there are people who would love a place to collaborate on
genealogy, but recognize that the large collection of structured stubs
such a project would produce, would be somewhat anathema to current
Wikipedia article standards.

The proposal for a Wikimorial/Wikipeople wiki grew slowly out of the
above points; Mav's original idea was called Wikimorial, and most of
the old discussion on meta is at [[m:Wikimorial]] ; more recent
discussions about the name have touched on Wikifamily,  seem to prefer
the name Wikipeople.

The memorial wiki has become as much a dumping ground for obits of
people killed in the disaster, as a memorial to the event and its
extensive aftermath.
Some of the obituary content of the current September 11 memorial wiki
might be better suited for a Wikipeople project (and linked to from a
list on the memorial wiki, for instance).

I would like to see a Wikipeople wiki get off the ground, to help
clarify where certain content related to people should go, and to
encourage contributions from editors on genealogy and 'unencyclopedic'
people.  Please comment.


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