[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia in China

Craig Franklin craig at halo-17.net
Sat Sep 25 00:18:25 UTC 2004

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's intolerable that the
dictatorial Chinese government shuold be able to say what sort of articles
we have on Wikipedia.  I, personally, would rather the resource be banned
within the PRC, than comply with their demands for self-censorship.

Plus, if we do soften our approach on there, and adopt a more
pro-"communist" attitude, I think we do a disservice to the Chinese-speaking
community.  The very nature of the repressive Chinese government means that
they won't be satisfied with NPOV as it stands - they'll want a POV that
makes them look good, just like in Chinese newspapers, television, and
radio.  Such a tone is incompatible with the foundations that Wikipedia
stands for.

- Craig Franklin

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