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> For the US, the analog to Tibet would be the overthrow of the monarchy
> and annexation of Hawaii, or the slaughtering of Native Americans and
> forcing them to live on undesirable land.

Both circumstances which took place over a century ago and are now
universally deplored among our citizens and leaders alike.  Modern times
demand modern ideals, not arrogant attempts at dynasty.

> When trying to make this more prominent in the [[Hawaii]] article, 
> folks, including myself, were met immediately with abusive responses
> from fellow users - "ignorant," "intellectually dishonest,"
> "childish," "blow your own horn."

As I recall, the overthrow of the monarchy was not state-sponsored, but
rather a sort of personal coup undertaken unilaterally by our diplomats
and condemned at the time by President Cleveland.  I also seem to recall
that the monarchy was restored, with annexation occuring after only
after it collapsed on itself years later and everyone expected the
United States to pick up the pieces (it was, after all, "our mess").
Perhaps the Philippines would be a better analogy.

Murdering Indians is bad.  You'll hear no excuses from me on the matter.
That said, neither I nor any of my ancestors have ever knowingly killed
an aboriginal native of the American continent, so don't kick my ass
about it.

> -Andrew (User:Fuzheado)

Austin D. Hair <austin at austinhair.org>
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