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Jens Ropers ropers at ropersonline.com
Fri Sep 24 22:34:48 UTC 2004

On 24 Sep 2004, at 23:23, Delirium wrote:

> Jens Ropers wrote:
>> Like the mild napalm-bombing of civilians?
> Apparently you are either an idiot or read indymedia for your news, as  
> Napalm has not been used in a war for decades.

I do not read indymedia for my news. (Google just told me that  
indymedia.org was an apparently non-mainstream news website. Nothing  
wrong with that IMHO.)

Yet I understand your exasperation. I would be exasperated too if my  
government invaded and napalm-bombed foreign countries. (I'm assuming  
here that you're a U.S. citizen, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

HOWEVER: It might be a good idea to first do a quick Google search  
before calling people names:

* The Age (Australian newspaper)  

Interestingly, even the Pentagon's denial (what do you expect?) of the  
facts U.S. Marine officers repeatedly confirmed (the use of napalm in  
Iraq) contained the admission that napalm has been used in 1993. So  
even if you choose to doubt the integrity of your actual troops on the  
ground and trust the Pentagon's statement instead, then you'd still  
have to explain how "used in 1993" is "not used in decades".

Finally, this article explains that discrepancy:


So I apologize for maliciously drawing the noble and good name of the  
U.S. military through the mud.
If it acts like napalm but just happens to contain ''slightly''  
different chemicals, ''plus added oxidisers'', then of course it's  
''totally irresponsible'' to call the substance napalm.
Jayzuz, that would be like--like calling a land rover a jeep! Or  
calling a whirlpool a jacuzzi!! Or--gasp--calling photocopying  
xeroxing!!! How TOTALLY inaccurate!!!!

No, I don't want you to apologize for publicly insulting me. I want you  
to do something else instead:
Watch a film that actually contains footage of a U.S. soldier  
mentioning napalm use in Iraq and shows actual napalm inflicted wounds.  
Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 and I'll be happy to call it quits between us.

-- ropers [[en:User:Ropers]]

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