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> In the US, for example, the press is not supposed to show grossly
> mutilated bodies. Also, they are not allowed to release the names of
> underage rape victims. Why is that? Because it endangers and upsets
> people. 

This is a matter of journalistic standards, not a matter of law -- many
publications can and do show such photos.  Neither is there a law
prohibiting the release of underage rape victims' names, although
newspapers can't print what the authorities don't tell them (and
wouldn't if they did -- again, though, it's not a matter of being
illegal, but rather of adherence to an ethical code drilled into their
heads during journalism school).

> Let's not forget that the US has draconian laws regarding online
> behavior and that many people around the world can't understand why
> we put up with them. It's our way, it's not perfect, but it works ok.
> Likewise the chinese way.

IP law and cryptography controls are regretable, but of marginal impact.
I, however, give the rest of the world credit for having the mental
capacity to comprehend our government's reasoning.

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