[Wikipedia-l] Re: wikipedia in China

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Sep 24 17:30:13 UTC 2004

Christopher Mahan wrote:

>--- Jens Ropers <ropers at ropersonline.com> wrote:
>>Recognizing the utility of communicating with others on their
>>here is my official response to the above mature, considered,
>>and scrupulous judgment:
>I strongly advise you not to do this again. A lot of the people on
>this list (myself included) are in a work environment. 
I think that warning people that these are sound files should be 
enough.  Approaching the subject with a sense of humour is always 
welcome.  I don't think that it is up to us to get into the debate about 
using an employer's computers for personal uses. 

We've been condemning censorship in China, and now your suggesting 
another kind of censorship.


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