[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia in China

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Fri Sep 24 02:54:21 UTC 2004

Christopher Mahan wrote:

> Yes, the US government (bombmaking, etc) , the UK government (a very
>recent letter on this very mailing list, or is it the other? about
>the academy for gifted kids), the French government (Nazi stuff),
>etc. These are the Enlightened countries, with a history seeped in
>freedom of speech and protection from government interference. 
I believe we're making every effort possible to fight these as well.  
Wikipedia is currently hosted in the US partly as an accident of 
origins, and partly because it seems to have the strongest free-speech 
protection laws (to actually make us take anything down would take a 
difficult-to-win court case).  If it's determined that there's a better 
place for it, I'd be all for moving it there, but I certainly don't 
support taking things down simply because he US, UK, French, or some 
other government dislikes them.  If we're legally forced to remove 
something by a court with jurisdiction over the Wikipedia servers, then 
I suppose we'd have to do so as a temporary measure until we can find a 
way to move the servers, but that's about the only possible 
justification I can think of for removing such information.


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