[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia in China

Stan Shebs shebs at apple.com
Thu Sep 23 17:59:22 UTC 2004

Christopher Mahan wrote:

>--- Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net> wrote:
>>All the things you suggest are good and no problem for the
>>government. I
>>have absolutely no problem with writing about all those good
>>things. But the
>>focus of the government is going to be on things like that BBS that
>>got shut
>>down. Should there be no article? A syncopathic article explaining
>>why it
>>was necessary to shut it down from the government viewpoint? Or an
>>from a Neutral point of view?
>No article at all.
>It is truly insignificant, if you think about it.
>When there are 350,000 articles in Chinese about Chinese history,
>politics, culture and religions, then, a small blurb about efforts by
>the central govt to curb radicalism that impacted a small number of
>computer users (anything less than 10 million is small in china.)
>would be called for. 
>Let's not focus on the twisted twig while standing in a large forest.
And ditto for the Tiananmen square articles, since only a couple thousand
people died, after all - hardly any at all, percentagewise!

While we're at it, I think there are a bunch of other governments
who would like us to remove certain articles. We could surpass
"neutral point of view" by being "completely neutered"...


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