[Wikipedia-l] Re: Toki Pona

Brian Corr BCorr at NEAction.org
Thu Sep 23 14:04:44 UTC 2004

Dear Mark,

Since you've continued to reply to the whole list, I want to offer you one 
final, simple piece of advice here:

Acknowledge that you made a mistake, apologize, say you won't do it again, 
and don't explain further why you felt it was justified.

I think that all of us would be happy to see this matter drop and all move 
forward in a positive manner, and your taking those actions will most 
certainly achieve that.

Brian (Bcorr)

At 07:30 AM 9/23/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>While I do appreciate advice, I find it extremely annoying that
>everybody seems to think I need heaps and heaps of it. Frankly I am
>getting more than a little irritated over that.

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