[Wikipedia-l] Re: toki pona and node

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Thu Sep 23 09:48:34 UTC 2004

On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 12:08:14AM -0700, Mark Williamson wrote:
> > If you're objecting to articles, yes. What you do is replace the
> > copyrighted text with a copyvio notice.
> Yes. I suspected that the text of each and every single one of the
> articles I replaced was copyvio (with the exception of a couple I did
> by mistake which had no content at all).

node, do you require each and every wikipedian (outside yourself) to tell you
that your interpretation is different from all of the other people's and
most of us think you did something very wrong and rude, you should
apologise and you should stop trying to convince others that you're right,
they're all wrong and keep on debating? The more you debate the more I feel
like banning wouldn't be that bad idea. You ruin the remains of your good
reputation (let us suppose there's still some). 

I believe TokiPona wikipedia was not a bright idea (and this was phrased
euphemistically), I believe we have two zillion conlangs are "better" than
tokipona, I believe that tokipona being copyrighted and not *generally*
released under a free licence is a very good reason to purge its wikipedia
**IMMEDIATELY**. (Unless Sonja changes the licence very very very fast.)

It is not you, however, to decide that, and to go and purge it on your
behalf. It is not any of us. This is a community project. You may feel that
it's wrong to have tokipona (klingon, whatever), and object it POLITELY the
several ways we use (and others kindly already listed). It's not that hard
to gain attention without killing anyone.

You neglected that, you went on and started killing it. You got your
feedback: this is unacceptable. Please don't go on arguing why do you think
it is, you may already have noticed that "we" don't intend to see it like
you do.

People already accepted the possibility that you're an intelligent person,
realised that you did it wrong, learned from it, next time you will do it
right and let it rest and move on. Honour them (being unhostile) by
accepting that and end this damn thread, stop the noise in the list and move

(And ignore those not very wise people further accusing you, or repeating
things already said and answered. They're noise, too. I believe right now I
am noise, too, as these things were probably already said. I shut up. I
offer this possibility to the other members of this thread, too.)

Thank you.

ps: I am not against "get change tokipona license or get rid of it" thread,
I am against "node did this and that so we should do this and that" thread.
That's already walking in circles. If he moves on, let's move on. If he
debates further, ban him and move on. *sigh*

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