[Wikipedia-l] Re: Requests for logos

Petr Kadlec petr.kadlec at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 08:23:05 UTC 2004

> Updated logos for ast:, csb:, nn:, uk:, ml:, bs:, be:, zh-min-nan:, el:,
> jbo:, ur:, sw:, sk, mk:, lv:, az:, lb:, tt:, nds:, and nv: .
> The used logo is at [[Image:Wiki.png]] .

Hmmm...maybe I don't understand what has been done...Should this mean
that these Wikipedias have now their localized logos? If yes, 1. why
isn't cs: among them? 2. I don't think it works (e.g. sk: seems to
still have the old logo, randomly chosen az: seems that the logo
displays correctly only in articles, but the main page still uses the
english logo).

Or, was this only some kind of preliminary work? (Like uploading the
localized PNG file to the Wikipedias -- that has already been done on
cs: [[cs:Image:Wiki.png]].)


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