[Wikipedia-l] Partnership with Mandrakesoft

Yann Forget yann at forget-me.net
Wed Sep 22 21:46:12 UTC 2004


Mandrakesoft, the company which created and sells the Linux distribution, is 
interested to distribute a DVD with an English and French version of 
Wikipedia. This DVD will be sold in their web site and included with the next 
distribution, due in next April.

Mandrakesoft will take legal responsibilities for this publication and is 
ready to donate some money to the Wikimedia Foundation. The amount is still 
to be decided.

Mandrakesoft wants that we provide them with a master DVD, and would like to 
complete this first edition for Christmas.

As you may have noticed, a mention about this was included in the press 
release and the newsletter with the authorization of Mandrakesoft who will 
also publish a press release about this project.

The summary below is also available on

== Points fixed so far ==
* It will first be sold on Mandrake web site, then included in the next 
version of the distribution.

* It will include only the current version of the English and French 
distribution. Mandrakesoft publishes a French version sold in French speaking 
countries and an English (international) version sold elsewhere in the world. 
The English Wikipedia will be sold with the international version of Mandrake 

* Mandrakesoft asks that the Wikimedia Foundation provide them with a master 

* Mandrakesoft will take the legal responsibility for this publication.

* Fair use images should be removed as the publication has to comply with 
worldwide copyright standards, not US only. Also images without proper 
licensing information have to be removed.

== Questions that need answering ==

* Do we include only complete articles or the whole of Wikipedia including 
* How do we package it? Several possibilities, see the page on meta.

== What you can do ==

So we need some help to complete this project.
* Work is needed to provide proper lisensing information on all images in the 
English Wikipedia.
* Help packaging. Help with technical knowledge is needed here. Med and 
Hashar, among others, are already working on this.



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