[Wikipedia-l] Re: Requests for logos

Jens Ropers ropers at ropersonline.com
Wed Sep 22 20:02:11 UTC 2004

On 22 Sep 2004, at 21:40, Ashar Voultoiz wrote:

> Updated logos for ast:, csb:, nn:, uk:, ml:, bs:, be:, zh-min-nan:, 
> el:, jbo:, ur:, sw:, sk, mk:, lv:, az:, lb:, tt:, nds:, and nv: .
> The used logo is at [[Image:Wiki.png]] .
> Please protect them !
> -- 
> Ashar Voultoiz

For some weird and wonderful reason most or all of these logos are 
rendered "too high" in Safari (http://www.apple.com/safari), ie. the 
top bit of the picture is cut off.
I don't have that problem with other WP logos such as en.
This suggests to me that you must have done something differently.

(I also don't have that problem on the below WPs when using MSIE:mac 
(www.microsoft.com/mac/ie), but my assumption about you probably having 
done something differently from other WPs still stands.)

-- ropers [[en:User:Ropers]]

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