[Wikipedia-l] Re: Toki Pona

Mark Christensen mchristensen at humantech.com
Wed Sep 22 18:45:11 UTC 2004

> As far as "very young contributor", I think it is not fair to 
> judge my actions only by my age...

I think the point Jens Ropers was making is that your age and
inexperience should mitigate the impropriety of your actions.

I would recommend learning two new skills that will make your work with
other wikipedians more rewarding and successful.  1) wait a day before
posting a reply, and 2) always approach other people's posts with an
attitude that says "I understand you have something valuable to say, and
I'm sure I could learn a lot from you."  If you do these two things,
I'll bet you'll find that people are much more open to what you have to

Another funny thing about resistance is that the more you push the more
people resist.  This cycle can keep going for a long time, but it
requires that both sides keep pushing.  If you stop fighting and work on
some problems that both of you care about, you will often find that
resistance melts away.   

--Mark Christensen

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