[Wikipedia-l] Re: toki pona

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 12:15:11 UTC 2004

Henry H. Tan-Tenn a écrit:
> Mark Williamson wrote:
>> ...For example, just in the past couple of days I have made
>> logos for over a dozen Wikipedias, and posted them on Meta. I am also
>> (at least I think) partially responsible for the founding of fo: and
>> lb: (I informed people of the possibility of creating them).
> I have little idea how banning works but I'd personally prefer Node 
> commit to making or fixing a non-infinite number of logos rather than be 
> temporarily banned for impulsively adding copyvio notices en masse.

I agree.

When my kids do mistakes, I usually first scream (very loud). Then I ask 
them to fix their mess. And when I am full of energy, I give them TIG 
(Travaux d'Intérêt Géréraux in French, which means "task beneficial to 
the whole community").

The alternative is to scream, lock them in their room and go for the 
sponge and washing power myself. Well, 'am lazy :-)

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