[Wikipedia-l] Re: toki pona

Tim Starling ts4294967296 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 03:05:18 UTC 2004

Angela_ wrote:
> I've just reverted over 200 edits on the toki pona Wikipedia. Someone
> apparently feels the language is copyrighted so decided to replace
> every page, including user pages and the main page, with a copyright
> violation notice, presumably with the use of a bot. I've reverted
> these, although unfortunately the "bot rollback" failed on later pages
> so recent changes is a mess. I haven't deleted anything, so if people
> want to see the pages, such as "copyviopedia" this person created they
> can still do so.

Edits were performed anonymously with the IP address . 
The corresponding hostname is ip24-251-242-236.ph.ph.cox.net.

On the English Wikipedia:

mysql> select distinct rc_user_text from recentchanges where 
| rc_user_text |
| Node ue      |

I suggest a temporary ban from all projects effective immediately.

-- Tim Starling

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