[Wikipedia-l] Starting a new wiki

James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
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So, in the interest of the Anglo-Saxon wikipedia, how do I, personally, set
it up outside the wikimedia foundation, so that I can get it started?


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Tim Starling wrote:

> People underestimate the cost involved in setting up a wiki.

Once again I'd like to point out that having a language-specific Wikipedia
not usually the best way to organize, promote, or develop a language.

It's probably much better for a group of interested people working on a
small or 
endangered language to set up a general-purpose wiki that encompasses the 
Wikimedia ideas of a Wikipedia, Wiktionary, a language-learning Wikibook,
perhaps a few other community- or discussion-oriented purposes.

There are a _lot_ of free or low-cost PHP hosting services that can host a
Mediawiki can be hard to set up on these services, since MySQL usually costs

significantly more, but there are a number of other wiki engines* that work
  flat files and don't require a database.

Anyways: I think the best strategy is to tell people who want to have a 
Wikipedia in their language to go start a wiki somewhere else. If they can
that they have a robust community that can support a Wikipedia, then they
get an xx.wikipedia.org domain (as well as other xx.wikisomething.org


* I can hear it now: "Huh? There are other wiki engines? There are other
I can set up my own? Huh?"

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