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Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sun Sep 19 03:55:32 UTC 2004

Mark Williamson wrote:
> The difference here Tim is that while Klingon is 1. a conlang with a
> fairly small number of speakers intended as the language of an
> imaginary alien race from a scifiseries 2. afaik completely without
> native speakers altogether, save maybe a handful, while Gothic is a

See, these are the tiresome arguments that we have to hear over and
over again for every little language or project idea.  So much time
and effort is wasted in this boring argumentation that could be better
spent if you just started to write some 250 encyclopedic articles in
Gothic and then said:

  "Here is what I have assembled on my own without any wiki.  Could I
   please have a wiki so that my friends could help me in this
   project?  My friends have collected these $500 to help it happen."

Can you imagine how much more convincing that kind of argument is?
This way, instead of fighting against the arguments of other
wikipedians, you would have to fight against your own abilities.

Current articles in Latin: 2648, Nynorsk: 528, Kashubian: 266,
Toki pona: 190, Latvian: 137, Faroese: 51, Klingon: 47, Breton: 28.

What if you cannot write 250 articles on your own?
What if your friends cannot collect $500?
Then what are your chances of ever writing an encyclopedia?

What if the Wikimedia Foundation still would not accept your 250
Gothic articles and $500?  To heck with them, run your own wiki!
You've got the contents and the resources.  You're strong.  Be happy!

Lars Aronsson, lars at aronsson.se
  Aronsson Datateknik

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