[Wikipedia-l] Re: Gothic Wikipedia

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 19 03:35:51 UTC 2004

Lars Aronsson a écrit:
> Tim Starling wrote:
>>People underestimate the cost involved in setting up a wiki.
> Could you provide an estimate in the number of work hours?  Either
> more could be done in automating parts of the task, or the required
> work on your behalf could be paid for with money that has to be
> collected by the community (of Klingon speakers, say) before the new
> wiki can be set up.
> As a consultant, I have found that a good way to avoid boring work
> tasks is to put a price tag on them.  Oh yes, I would love to fix
> your spelling errors -- at $10 per page or $150 per hour.  :-)
> The current discussions of whether or not to start new projects are
> tiresome and frustrating for all parties.  It would be better to allow
> anybody to start new projects, so that the hard part will not be
> convincing the Wikimedia Foundation, 

I really did not have the feeling convincing us was the hard part...

but convincing the community to
> fill the new wiki with contents.  Perhaps such communities should be 
> required first to collect 250 articles (off-wiki, by e-mail) and when 
> this is achieved, the new wiki will be started.
> Lars Aronsson, lars at aronsson.se

I agree
Start with articles and with a minimum of interested editors.

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