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Craig Franklin craig at halo-17.net
Sat Sep 18 04:27:18 UTC 2004

Scríobh Mark Williamson:

>Also I feel that as long as it isn't a conlang, it doesn't matter how
>many speakers there are as long as there are people interested in
>writing an encyclopedia.

You do realise that Esperanto is a conlang, and it has one of the most
active Wikis out there?  There are some other conlang-Wikis out there too,
like tlhIngan Hol, Interlingua, and Sindarin (Tolkeinese, I seem to remember
this existing, although I can't remember the code).

I think that so long as a language has modern speakers, some of whom are
interested in writing an encyclopædia, there should be no restrictions.

That said, while a Gothic wikipedia would be interesting (I'm sure this is
the Robert Smith fan inside me speaking ;-) ), I'd wonder whether there
really is that much interest in it.  Even being optimistic and taking a high
estimate for the number of speakers (say, 5,000), I don't know if anyone
would actually be willing to add to it.  Not that having a Gothic Wiki with
no entries would really tax the foundation, but I don't think we need
*another* deserted Wiki with five articles in it.

As always though, it's not up to me to decide ;-)

- Craig Franklin

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