[Wikipedia-l] Wikispecies FAQ

Angela beesley at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 16:48:11 UTC 2004

I have attempted to consolidate and expand upon the answers to many of
the concerns raised about Wikispecies on the Wikipedia-l mailing list
over the last few days.

Please see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikispecies_FAQ . The page
includes both questions specific to Wikispecies, as well as the wider
issues concerning the decision making processes of the Wikimedia
Board, including the following questions:

1 What is Wikispecies?
2 Is Wikispecies a fork of Wikipedia?
3 Why is Wikispecies not part of Wikipedia?
4 Why is Wikispecies not part of the Wikimedia Commons?
5 What happens if people start writing encyclopedia articles on Wikispecies?
6 What if people want Wikiwar, Wikichemistry etc
7 Was there consensus on starting this project?
8 Was Wikispecies a board decision?
9 Where was this announced?
10 Why was the full log of the meeting not published?
11 What is the next step for Wikispecies?


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