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I cannot see why you do not realize that for making wikipedia a bi- or
multilingual product, there are also other, more useful ways.

For instance, if an article in the en:wp were fatastic, a mere translation
and in situ insertion of the same in language B would be a "perfect", and a
better solution (alligned texts - see translation emmories) . To see the
point goto  user:apogr/an_experiment, which is rudimental, but to the point,
the first step of rethinking this debate


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> Stan Shebs wrote:
> > So the executive summary I get out of this is "people on en: didn't
> > like my ideas, so I want to make a separate wiki".
> I would put it a different way.  "The needs of a general purpose,
> general audience encyclopedia differ from the needs of a professional
> reference work, so we should move forward in exploring solutions that
> meet the needs of both users while minimizing duplication of efforts."
> > It would be great to have a common store for language-independent
> > information, but not only is there a commons to serve just that role,
> > but without higher-powered database and wiki machinery than is
> > currently available or being worked on, wikispecies is inevitably
> > going to be another pile of per-language data that partly duplicates
> > wikipedia content.
> It is my intention that we work early and hard on questions of
> software development to meet these needs.  I am confident that
> Benedict and others who are excited about this will be working hard to
> find development help to get the additions they need.
> Keep in mind: the initial mission of wikispecies.org is to resolve
> these questions first.
> --Jimbo
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