[Wikipedia-l] Re: wikispecies

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 06:04:00 UTC 2004

Erik Moeller a écrit:
> Anthere-
>>The point is, most people have not followed what wikispecies project was
>>about, so it is not certain whether they would do an informed vote. This
>>might be well one of these cases where voting is not a good idea Erik :-)
> I see voting useful as a way to gauge where people stand, but perhaps,  
> when we only want to do that, we should not call it voting. Instead,  we  
> could have an "opinion matrix":
> users     opinion summary                 arguments
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mav       opposed to separate             - leads to fragmentation,
> Erik      project, support                  duplication
>           Wikimedia Commons               - bad precedent
>           [[/Detailed proposal]]
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Anthere   support Wikispecies,            - otherwise, risk of external
> Angela    at least for now                  forks
>                                           - features can be added later
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This way we can easily get an overview of the different points of view,  
> and better try to find solutions that satisfy everyone involved. That  
> would also help outside people to understand more quickly what a  
> discussion is about.
> Regards,
> Erik

Correct :-)
We can probably agree here Erik, to call this a poll rather than a vote.
A poll is to jauge people opinion, after which a decision is taken.
A vote is a system to take the decision.
The developer poll for the payment issue was definitly a poll :-)

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